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TheStarkNet was founded by web developer Todd Stark in 2005. These many years of experience have allowed TSN to excel at every phase of building a website — from design and development, to marketing and accessibility.

Graphic Design

Typically the first step after consultation. One or more prototypes are created and tweaked until they look exactly how you want. When you're happy with it, we move on to development (turning it into a website).

Web Development

This step has two parts... "Front-end", which takes your design and turns it into a website - with (optional) multiple pages, navigation, animation, and all the rest. And "back-end", which lets your site interact with a server and/or database - web forms, store inventory, API data access, content management... anything dynamic.

Search Engine Optimization

We code your site and present your content with the goal of high and accurate placement in the search engines. Google Analytics access is provided and analyzed to determine how effectively everything is working, as well as to furnish detailed info about the visits your site receives.

Accessibility/ADA Reviews

Website accessibility has become critical, and ADA compliance is often mandatory for businesses. We run detailed scans on your website code to make sure all WCAG 2.0 AA criteria are met.

Web Marketing

Once your site is complete, it's time to get it out there. We use popular social media websites and Google Ads to make sure your target audience learns about, visits, and stays on your site. This step tends to work hand-in-hand with SEO.

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